Hi there.
My name is Aleksandar Timić and I web development


I'm a passionate Senior Frontend developer armed with a Master's degree in Mathematics and Informatics and 10+ years experience in IT industry.
In my career I have developed applications, websites and top-notch products with global reach.

ReactJS Typescript NodeJS Redux React Query Zustand Jotai SASS LESS Styled components CSS Modules PHP MySQL Python Ethers (EVM) MeshJS (Cardano) Wagmi WalletConnect Injected wallets (Metamask, Nami, Eternl ChartJS i18next Jest React testing library Cypress Underscore Handlebars LaunchDarkly Optimizely Formik React Hook Form Tanstack Table Yup Wordpress Jekyll Material UI Twitter Bootstrap Grunt Gulp Webpack Docker Jenkins Vagrant Storybook Figma Git BASH Shell scripting Backbone jQuery


National Lottery of Serbia

Custom parallax JS engine created by me:)

Mercy Drink

Wordpress theme and custom plugins for popular energy drink website


Carmindy from TLC's "What not to wear". Wordpress theme

Bar Pro Academy

Responsive Wordpress Theme, Wordpress Mutlisite, Shopping cart

Original Minds

Responsive Wordpress theme


National Lottery of Serbia campaign website

Glass Junkie

Glass Junkie media blog. Wordpress theme

Still The Sea

"Still The Sea" Inspired Living. Wordpress theme


Reebok Easy Tone competition. Wordpress theme and custom plugins.

Media Tree

Media Tree Films. HTML website with advanced JS effects.

Age TV

African Global Enterprise TV. Wordpress theme.


Pepe Blasco Núñez de Cela, CTO at MELD

I am happy to endorse Aleksandar, a top-notch Senior Frontend Developer who reported to me for the past several months. His extensive knowledge in React, TypeScript and other frontend technologies distinguishes him as a true leader in frontend development. He effortlessly applies these skills to transform intricate designs into functional and engaging digital experiences, always keeping our strategic objectives in sight.
What sets Aleksandar apart is his intrinsic research ability. In an ever-changing tech landscape, he actively keeps abreast of new developments and techniques. He not only takes the initiative to learn and master novel topics and tools, but also translates these insights into actionable strategies for our team. His ability to simplify complex ideas has boosted our collective proficiency. Aleksandar embodies the rare combination of technical mastery, ongoing learning, and stellar teamwork. I have no doubt that he would be an incredible addition to any team or project.

Milos Radovic, Head of Marketing Strategy & Development at Swisscom

I known Aleksandar for several years now as a client and colleague. I have been impressed by his professional attitude and his problem solving skills. He is truly thinking "out of the box". Aleksandar has fantastic programming skills and he is technology savvy. He has always shown initiative, quick thinking and determination in getting things done. I would recommend him as a exceptional frontend engineer and project manager or to anyone who is looking for a reliable hand to take charge in projects and not just to get the job done, but done extraordinarily well.

Gordan Topalovic, CEO at WhiteCitySoft

Aleksandar is one of the rare developers who are capable to produce quality work with such precision and dedication. Very demanding when it comes to details and skilled in multi-level environments, never refused challenge when he is confident he will succeed.

Timothy McMillan, Owner at McMillan Freelance

I've worked with Alex to produce exceptional projects for clients. Aleksandar produces highly functional, clean code and can deliver even the most complex tasks in a timely manner.

Milorad Topalovic, Web Designer at CompanyWall Ltd.

I worked with Aleksandar at Deploy for one year collaborating on AdFormics/Gamewall project.
From a tech point of view, Aleksandar have a significant amount of knowledge that he constantly upgrades with new technologies and trends in web development. He does a very nice & tidy job, always finding the best and fastest solutions while keeping his code clean, readable and well documented.Tech things aside, one of Aleksandar's strongest points is that he is a great person to work with. Calm, willing to share opinions, and always ready to lighten the mood with some funny remark. To quote his now legendary statement when we had a ridiculous short amount of time to do a very large and complex client request: "Oh, well... Back to the laboratory" :)
I really enjoyed working with Aleksandar, and hope we will work again in near future.

Olegabu, client

intelligent, great communication, very professional, attended to every detail. Definitely will hire again. Thank you!

Bill Millar, client

Great work as always, despite a very challenging project

Chriss Bhurrut, client

Fast and good work as usual :)

Justin Reaper, client

Very talented developer. Highly recommend.

Coopertek, client

Where do I start? Precise, quick, skilled, fantastic creativity... I could get lost in compliments for this guy. TOP QUALITY! I'm so happy I found him ;-)

GebruederWolf, client

It was a great pleasure to work with altimCode! Great communication. He finished work quick in time and budget! Thanks a lot!!!